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Beijing quadrangles, the desire to also leave the hutong

Date: 2015-01-10

Gulou west street, LiuYin Street, protecting temple, houhai...Is constantly taking pictures, and the reporter had a talked different dialects, English, French, Japanese...Racket is original red walls and green tiles, also make renovation very fake dark gray walls and gates crevice to show the broken door left unlocked.
Pine street neighborhood of a staff said, now this community, migrant population has accounted for nearly 90%.
In Beijing tianheng yu investment development co., LTD., the reception of the residents of gulou west street, take the line of the residents is given priority to with Beijing dialect, we talk about the theme of the majority is carried to the last will compensate more, strong suffering consciousness of worry about not signing, will always stay in painting, to continue to ant in life.
Leaving the drum tower in the taxi, apparently of old Beijing, his brother at the construction site next to swear: "still hurt, still, Beijing flavour is do not!"Asked where he lives, unsurprisingly, is not a good hutong.
Hutong Zhang Dama, gao, don't say so, because in their hearts, due since opened the bar, Beijing flavour is drifting away, teng due back, original intention is good, the ending.But maybe Beijing flavour will be retained in their memory, must be retained in Lin, liu's book, pass it on generation after generation.