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The guest has come to a cup of soya-bean milk The most red restaurants in Beijing

Date: 2014-12-20

Beijing restaurants are too numerous to even an old beijingers are countless, said today the outside east rings.Name need not I said, the boss who is very real, also have a lot of Beijing the yes temper.Good friends came to entertain, accompanied photos he arranged people.If not, even if you is a reporter on the United Nations to also never allow you took out a camera.Request to sign up this interview is said to have a lot, from central to local media, but the vast majority were boss politely declined.People all like here, what is festival, lively, and avoiding Mrs Of literature and art show.Young people here to find fresh, old people here to find my shadow when I was young.Fascinated by foreigners is like it here, this is the best entry they entered the Chinese contemporary history.