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The perfect life form a complete set or key into tourism real estate development

Date: 2014-08-31

With the topic "the transformation" intensified in the real estate circle, tourism real estate as previously was promising field, nature of each developer in in succession. Compared to commercial real estate, industrial real estate, and other areas of the high-end operating type of real estate development, tourism real estate relative threshold is low, high fault rate, but also has the expert reminds: "don't make the tourism real estate a traditional residential property, otherwise will ruin the subdivision industry."
Tourism real estate mess
Reporter understanding, enclosure generative, high vacancy rate and the homogeneity serious problems have been hindering the smooth development of tourism real estate.
Industry insiders said to reporters, to borrow a disguised form the name of tourism real estate development real estate. For many developers, after winning a piece of land, to find a project to do tourism theme, and then do next to the hotel, residential property, while the latter is its profits and real purpose. This could easily lead to the absence of supporting facilities planning, the late operation management can't keep up with the situation.
In the absence of unique operation and maintenance project, tourism real estate homogeneity phenomenon is very serious. Developers on the grounds that the tourism landscape in the project development and management, from the traditional residential real estate development mode, leading to the development of tourism real estate business model of a single, lack of innovation.
In addition, compared with urban housing vacancy rate, the tourism real estate vacancy rate is more serious. Due to its function is to meet the needs of the owners' leisure vacation, or as one of the owner's investment choices, building occupancy rate and utilization rate is extremely low, most of the idle, caused by resources waste greatly.
Supporting service decision project value-added space
In the bohai rim region hyped under the background of the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, regional tourism real estate began to popular. For the first time in Beijing, including meeting this year, besides the chengde building most project main ecological livable, zhangjiakou region, with multiple endowment room, tourist room project. In response, Beijing guohua real estate co., LTD., vice President of Mr. Gong to people think that although tourism real estate emphasize the unique environment of project, but the core competitiveness of project is in the form a complete set of services, rather than geographical environment.
"In terms of tourism real estate development mode of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, should be to surrounding areas for people to resort and holiday a way of life, not just to build a house to build a set of villa, this is very short." When it comes to developers to build some houses in tourist attractions, travel itself as the phenomenon of real estate, gong to people think that it should not be said of the tourism real estate, tourism real estate tourism development as the main body, should be first developed the core of tourism products.