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Pay attention to the hotel "experience" trigger a new investment boom

Date: 2014-08-19

Next year, whether foreign or domestic hotel in Beijing for the opening of the upscale hotels will be given priority to with luxury hotel or boutique hotel. These products, luxury hotel different from traditional high star hotel "thousand shop" mode, highly personalized at every hotel is to create their own characteristics. In the case of high star hotel overpopulation, really pay attention to "experience" type of luxury hotels, boutique hotels will trigger a new hotel investment boom.
Upscale hotel to break the "thousand shop side"
Different traditional high star-rated hotel, this year, Beijing will have a lot of personalized luxury hotels have opened. In addition to the waldorf astoria has opened Beijing, starwood hotel group's fashion boutique hotel W hotel, Beijing diaoyutai harmony of diaoyutai MGM hotel group and hotel, featured by the Beijing international group signed a contract this year, KaiRuiHua sheng resort hotel, etc., all will make its debut this year in Beijing, and set up shop faster than usual.
Data show that in 2012, five high-grade hotel, which opened in Beijing, only four seasons hotel for the personalized high-end hotel Beijing; Beijing 5 2013 hotels, including MingYuLi jas, yi heng for boutique hotel. This year, according to incomplete statistics there are 6 to 7 home boutique hotel, luxury hotel will open in Beijing.
In the hospitality industry is in a "cold winter" period, the personalized high-end hotel to be slightly buck the trend on the opening of the tide. In the huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer Zhao Huanyan view, because Beijing business hotel supply, so the development of new hotel projects, luxury hotels, boutique hotel is more, its characteristic is less rooms, house prices high, is based on the hotel room supply exceeds demand at present, and guest room homogeneity countermeasures.
A the personage inside course of study points out, is not only a commercial center in Beijing, at the same time also has rich tourism resources, there is no lack of to attract high-end tourists. Industry is generally believed that Beijing does not lack of high consumption of tourists, also don't lack of traditional international hotel, now lack is personalized hotel product. "Thousand shop side" of the traditional high star-rated hotels may have enough luxury facilities, but no sustained competitiveness, in the end only "location". The real high-end tourists need personalized products, such as suitable for old people, children, lovers, and so on. Now there are many hotels in Beijing under the "super five-star", "white gold stars", the banner of "personalized", but the essence and its products.
As for high-end hotel industry, the growth of the individualized demands, more and more luxury hotel, boutique hotel brand in Beijing soon. The personage inside course of study says, in the case of Beijing hotel number is close to saturation, the market competition to must want to have a clear positioning stage: economy hotel quantity, upscale hotel is more personalized, competing is characteristic of "experience".
Leisure vacation leverage the market demand
In the industry point of view, the personalized high-end hotel investment is the present trend in the Chinese hotel market. Beauty, dean xu-ri huang said, "boutique hotel is the current trend, with the international boutique hotel also is domestic only can stand on the same starting line, hotel mode that can compete. Hotel as an import, the current domestic chain in the development of high star hotels, hotels, business hotels are slower than international hotel on the pace of a few. Only boutique hotel, the diversity of style and the unique management idea, can with the international hotel in the same rhythm, carries on the construction and competition.
Data show that the high-quality goods design and type of hotel rooms in China since 2008, the amount is growing at more than 30% every year, 65% of the current hotel developers report conclusion is built small boutique hotel. China's new hot investment boutique hotel is similar to the United States ten years ago. The United States on the statistics, the boutique hotel rooms in 2003 accounted for 1%, accounted for 3%, can be in 6 to 8 years to recover investment, and high star hotel need 10 to 15 years.
Zhao Huanyan said, at present China's hotel guest house prices in more than 5000 yuan/day almost all is a boutique hotel, hotel prices in 3000-5000 yuan/day boutique hotel (33%); In 2000-3000 yuan/day in house hotel boutique hotel (27%); More than 1000 yuan/day boutique hotel (10%). Scale in 80-80 rooms of boutique hotel bullish. Beyond 50% boutique hotel is a historical and cultural site renovation, or with elements of luxury. Boutique hotel different from traditional high star hotel "thousand shop" mode, highly personalized at every hotel is to create their own characteristics.
Zhao Huanyan believe that Beijing will soon appear more luxury hotels, boutique hotels, which is the developing trend of The Times. Famous American futurists toffler published in the 1980 s "third wave" in predicted, the scale operation of industrialization era will be diversification, diversification and individuation of information age. In the hospitality industry, the designer hotels, luxury hotels, boutique hotels, theme hotel will emerge in endlessly and the echo.
China hotel, on the other hand, customers are from business, leisure, 75% to 25%, the proportion of evolution for business, leisure, 50% and 50%; Evolution from 40% 40%, vacation tourism to tourism, vacation, 20% and 40%, become the new hot holiday demand, this also is the luxury hotel, boutique hotel the needs of the audience.
Pay close attention to experience is a key to business
In the Chinese market, to call out the name of boutique hotel chain is not much, more personalized luxury hotels, boutique hotels in the form of solo. And another awkward phenomenon is, in recent years, are growing build boutique hotel, boutique hype proved to be a craze in the domestic market, the industry are divided on the concept of high-quality goods, from the hotel industry experts to professional people, for the high-quality goods dispute has not been broken, what is the concept of boutique hotel has also does not have a unified view.
From him this kind of well-known hotel experience, has the qualities of products to cater to consumers' comfort feeling, its overall form a complete set of products is relatively good. Such as bedding, all kinds of wash bath, all kinds of fine products, and selects the high-end brand products, to enhance the overall sensory stimulation.
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