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Hotel industry to transition actively respond to market changes

Date: 2014-05-30

"Twelfth five-year" period due to national policy restriction, significant changes in the consumption structure, China hotel industry suffered an unprecedented "winter period". To break through the dilemma for the long-term development, Beijing is more than 70 united seven star hotel network to market transition as the background, hotel marketing strategy for topics, held "2014 Beijing hotel marketing strategy seminar". Conference will be on June 24, was held in Beijing Hilton doubletree. At the appointed time, the national tourism administration leadership will be to visit and with more than 70 hotel President and seven star hotel network discuss hotel development strategy.
Since 2012, with the domestic economic growth slowing and the central paragraph "eight", the hotel industry development the important turning point. In 2013 under the new environment suffered "cold" high-end hotels, China's hotel industry, ebb tide flopped the high-end hotels rely on public spending. For high-end hotels in the development of China's hotel market is not enough, the new market environment and policy for the hotel industry is facing more reform and transformation of 2014. Hotels are beginning to consumer groups aimed at mid-market, actively develop household consumption, white-collar consumption and leisure tourism consumption. However, in the process of transformation, many hotels have a larger resistance. Facing the hotel industry of the new situation, China's first high-end integrated services platform "seven star hotel network" to more than 70 Beijing star hotel, in through this seminar, in under the guidance of national policies to discuss development direction, formulate effective marketing strategies, together out of the woods.
It is understood that each star hotel in the meeting will be in the face of market structure adjustment, analysis the hotel internal and external resources and target population needs, formulate the star hotel marketing strategy in the new environment. Seven star hotel network after a study of industry policy and in-depth market research to create a high-end consumption market of tourism products in the service - "Beijing suburbs holiday card". The product is seven star hotel network with characteristics of Beijing suburbs 20 four-star resort hotel, for the Beijing 8 million medium and high-end rebelliousness private custom to provide leisure line: mountain climbing, hydrophilic, golf... Build a new pattern Beijing suburbs tourism quality. Its pull in for the high-end and individual tourism consumption market, hotel performance ascension brings forth the positive role, but also makes up for the Beijing suburbs quality tourism market blank.
At the conference hotels are teaming up to face the industry transition, actively respond to market new change, strengthen communication and exchanges, common to solve the problem, to further development of the hotel industry. Seven star hotel network, meanwhile, also hope that through this seminar to promote green travel, advocating healthy living, provide a more powerful support for the hotel industry vigorous development.