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Seven star platform power industry transformation Beijing suburbs holiday card blockbuster listing

Date: 2014-06-20

June 24, 70 star-rated hotels in Beijing jointly by seven star hotel network hosted the "2014 Beijing hotel marketing strategy seminar". The seminar on opportunities under the new situation of the hotel industry development and transformation, together with how to use the network marketing professional institutions to build win-win O2O etc. Topic has received the praise of the guests. In addition, seven star hotel nets for high-end market the release of the "Beijing suburbs holiday card", quickly became the hotel development transformation under the new situation, product integration discussion hot spot.
Hotel industry aimed at mid-market Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS reveal high-end quality
For hotel industry development of the new situation, new environment BBS guests think current market positioning should aim at medium and high-end personage, actively develop household consumption, white-collar consumption and leisure tourism consumption. Therefore, the integration of the hotel product, meet the demand of medium and high-end crowd "Beijing suburbs holiday card" to become the focus of attention.
Seven stars, Beijing suburbs holiday card joint Beijing suburbs characteristics of more than 20 four-star resort hotel for Beijing, high-end rebelliousness provides private custom casual line, let consumers enjoy high quality Beijing suburbs with populist price on holiday. According to industry insiders, private custom to Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS have luxurious quality, line, easy to use and five advantages premium discount and absolute value. Beijing suburbs holiday card, fill the blank of the the Beijing suburbs tourist market and excellent price or will lead Beijing suburbs leisure market.
Rich tourism industry products Beijing suburbs holiday card blockbuster listing
According to the relevant person in charge of seven stars hotel network (www.7-hotel.com), Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS are seven star hotel network response state huimin tourism policy, advocate green travel leisure products. Once launched, it got the attention and support in the industry and the hotel.
Seven stars, Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS (http://dj.7-hotel.com) with characteristics of Beijing suburbs 20 four-star resort hotel, for the Beijing 8 million medium and high-end rebelliousness private custom to provide leisure line: mountain climbing, hydrophilic, golf... Build a new pattern Beijing suburbs tourism quality. The seven stars, Beijing suburbs holiday card member, can enjoy the food more than 20 four-star and above standard hotel accommodation, dining service fee is free, and a variety of entertainment products, such as low price discount discount. Not only that, seven stars, Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS to the system card, families and friends all can enjoy Beijing suburbs holiday card bring various benefits and privilege.
Thanks to the, seven members and old customers the support network of seven stars hotel, seven star hotel network launched the first quarter of Beijing suburbs holiday card online "send 80 million red envelopes to send" activities. Focus on seven Beijing suburbs holiday CARDS micro letter or download the seven star hotel web APP can obtain 100 yuan in cash vouchers. Beijing suburbs holiday card let city white-collar use shortcut hotel prices, honour enjoy star hotel service, private custom to enjoy all lines, to play the big Beijing.