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China Internet Conference Initiative of defense "seven bottom line."

Date: 2013-11-16

Xinhua Beijing, August 15 (Xinhua) China Internet Conference concluded today the initiative of national Internet practitioners, celebrities and the majority of network users, should adhere to the "seven bottom line", and create a healthy network environment, consciously resist against the "seven bottom line." behavior, and actively spread positive energy, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to contribute.

August 10, held at the new CCTV "Network Celebrity Social Responsibility Forum" on social responsibility, spread positive energy, total defense "seven bottom line" to reach a consensus. "Seven bottom line" is: laws and regulations, the bottom line, the bottom line of the socialist system, the bottom line national interests, the legitimate interests of citizens of the bottom line, the bottom line of social public order, morality and authenticity of information underscores the bottom line.

In China Internet Conference held during the China Internet Association members of the council, experts, academics, and representatives of users and webmasters After heated discussion participants agreed that cyberspace is an extension of the real world, all sites and users should enhance self-awareness and the bottom line of consciousness, and endorsed a total defense "seven bottom line."