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Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake mansions

Date: 2013-07-25

July 15, 2013 annual mansions moon cake sales work started. Customers in Guangzhou, Beijing, Fujian Yongding, even far away in Xinjiang Yili, can see the mansions moon cake figure. Speaking our mansions moon cake, but also have to say that these three "most."The most traditional production methods
Guangsha moon cake in the pastry chef dean under the guidance of Frankie Chan, according to the most authentic traditional Cantonese-style moon cake production methods elaborate. That each produce a moon cake is thin, stuffing and more exquisite designs, attractive appearance. Among them, according to the traditional approach benevolence moon cake made of five, fillings structured, smooth taste, sweet and salty moderate, widely respected by the industry and the public of all ages.
Best quality
Guangzhou Hotel Guangzhou is the first through the moon cake production QS certified star hotel, each one mansions moon cake, both from its own workshop production, excellent quality is definitely "visible", "tangible", over the years good quality reputation, won the customer's reputation and confidence.

The most abundant flavors <richest flavors
Guangsha moon cake through continuous innovation and improvement, combining Chinese and Western, developed a rich taste, variety. In mansions moon cake sales points, you can see the lotus seed paste moon cake, moon cake Nuts, egg yolk moon cakes, coffee month, abalone Wuren month, nine big yellow moon cake, etc., select diverse, young and old Jiayi.
Guangsha moon cake not only adhere to traditional techniques and reputation for quality, taste and materials in bold and daring innovation and improvement is our people proud mansions "brand products." I believe mansions moon cake tasted guests will leave a good memory.