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High standards and strict requirements, safety can not be negligent

Date: 2013-06-24

5.30 Security Incident" is a profound lesson, but also a loud wake-up call.
May 31, building safety work held a special meeting to analyze cause of the accident, the deployment rectification work. According to the meeting, the various departments and offices abroad swift action to carry out self-examination and self-production safety. June 5 onwards, led by the security department, engineering, quality control and other departments involved in the establishment of the Joint Inspection special working group, and in accordance with the development of the special program of work, building departments and overseas units to conduct a safety management standard highest and most demanding, the widest range of special inspection.
★ The most stringent standards
This inspection departments in order to take a self-examination of the area, joint special inspection team, then review, then acceptance of the way, through several rounds of inspection and supervision in place to ensure the rectification work and persistence; compared to the past for the warehouse simple finishing, this reform has increased the warehouse dedicated efforts to clean up waste materials, such as cleaning up a lot in the engineering department for 15 years of storage of slow moving goods, financial department cleaned up more than the prescribed length of various bills.
★ The most thorough inspection
This inspection led by the Security Department, the department director, deputy director personally implemented, participation, building warehouses, equipment rooms, offices, emergency lighting, fire exits, floors and other areas of the workplace "carpet-style" safety inspection even the usually less to the 5th floor wellness center, rent office space outside, as well as General Office, finance and other departments of the warehouse logistics are in place to check, make sure to do the "no dead ends." The overseas unit led by the respective Security Department also simultaneously carried out self-inspection of production safety.
The special inspection of safety inspection of all types of safety, hygiene and quality problems 120, through a comprehensive investigation and inspection, has rectification 117, rectification was 97.5%.
Building departments and offices abroad actively cooperate with the response, the rectification intensity of the large, high standards, scope, unprecedented. I hope that through this rectification of various departments will form the relevant safety production management routine, perseverance, managed to implement six ordinary law: often finishing, often classified, often cleared to ensure fire safety jurisdictions.