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Quality of service is our "lifeline"

Date: 2013-05-06

As people's living standards improve, the quality of the service industry more and more attention. We're in the hotel service industry, how can we improve the quality of services through business development to promote the building it?
To help enhance the quality of service of individual operating segments construction, building inspection training department selected the Finance Department (stores), business public relations (front reception, switchboard), housekeeping (service center), Food and Beverage (Catering Sales, banquets and Chinese and Western restaurants) and other windows departments, focus on strengthening the implementation of service standards, improve service levels.
Improve the quality of service standards to enhance frontline
Switchboard, housekeeping service center is passed by voice services sector, but also in contact with the guests of Guangzhou Tower is an important channel. QC affecting the sector through re-sort, improve the standards and strict requirements for each one answering the phone service must be done, then pick fast, good attitude, mature business, in order to make the guests get a good first impression. For first-line induction female employees are no makeup or cosmetic issues such as capacity uncoordinated, QC re-sort the building "basic grooming standards," and the use of class meetings with various departments to conduct on-site training, guidance, strengthening and grooming line departments service image.
Relying on staff training classes will strengthen grassroots
Faced with financial difficulties, the department launched a series of preferential measures in addition to, but also have good sales staff. This is our frontline workers put forward higher requirements. Shopping malls, reception, Chinese and Western restaurants and banquet sales department managers take advantage of classes before the class will, hillock in training, staff training and incentives sales skills popularity in order to make Guangzhou Hotel guests enjoy affordable, but also Guangzhou Hotel who enjoy high-quality, caring service.
Quality of service is the hotel survival and development foundation, the competition between the hotel, in essence, is the quality of service competition. Only true quality of service as our "lifeline" earnestly do well, will get the customer's identity, the Guangzhou Tower to the fierce market competition.